Lindsay & Sandy's Snowy Engagement Session!

     We first met Lindsay & Sandy at a Wedding Event two & a half months ago here in Indiana. They chatted with us a bit about our wedding photography collections and their own upcoming wedding. They got our Century Bride Engagement Session and we went to town with helping them with location ideas and what season to have their Session in! They chose a December Sunday for a beautiful snowy winter scene and 3 of our favorite locations in South Bend! Clients don't always love being cold while being photographed outside in the snow, so it's always a huge treat for us to get to photograph Sessions like this-! 

      Immediately we learned that Sandy like Jason is an identical twin which we love! We love when people are close with their siblings and what's closer than identical twins?! We also learned that Lindsay like Jenny likes organizing the details of the plans and was the stylist for the duo! (Every couple has one person that plays this role in organizing I swear, but it's not always the woman. Jenny learned the detail-oriented ways from her dad.) 

     We started the Engagement Session at a nature location in the woods and by a pond, moved on to a nice mix of country & city: a curved cement path lined with festive black lamp posts and a nice field, then ended in a downtown city area with bridges, benches, & nice cement walls. It was a great mixture of both city & country that South Bend contains. All 3 locations we photographed these two at were about 10 minutes apart and the snow was falling heavily, so we tried to keep photos at each spot relatively short so that they could get back into the warm car in between. 

      They were even troopers and brought a change of clothes to keep the photos more diverse. Lindsay even braved the elements at 2 of the 3 locations in a dress! (She wisely still wore her warm socks and winter boots which was helpful in the increasingly deep snow and treks to locations.) All-in-all we all worked very hard with the elements outside though nature may have left us a bit soggy! 

     We loved this Engagement Session with Sandy and Lindsay! There's no bonding like the bonding that comes from working with people outside in crazy weather we've found. We all had some good laughs within the trekking through the winter wonderland and it was truly a beautiful experience even if we were a bit damp by the end! We love the photographs and hope you enjoy these! We think it all paid off an a huge Thank You to Lindsay & Sandy for randomly picking the best date imaginable for such a pretty Session! We can't wait to see which photos you choose for your matted prints! 

      Speaking of cold winter weather, we have finally finished our icey cold annual Christmas card for 2016 as well as Jenny's other fun holiday photo of Jason! We cannot wait to share both with you next week on our Weekly Wednesday Christmas blog post-!! We think you'll get a kick out of both, so be on the lookout for that next Wednesday the 21st!

     Also, since Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, & New Year's Eve are coming in the next few weeks do keep in mind that a Gift Certificate from Jenny and Jason Photography, LLC to a loved one for an Engagement Session, a Family Portrait, Pet Portraits, or Senior Photos is a great way to tell a loved one that you care-! The gift of a photo of loved ones is a unique gift that stands the test of time and will be treasured for generations to come. Can you say that about an Apple watch...? #Nope