Happy Holidays to you and yours!

      Since Christmas is coming up in 4 days we thought we'd share with you some of our Holiday photos that we took this year! This year we went a little further with Christmas photos since we now have our own permanent Art Studio. Jenny created a fun photo of Jason that she put together comprised of a pink glitter beard, mock turtleneck, white christmas tree, pink lights, and cute colorful ornaments! 

     We also created our THIRD annual Christmas Card photo! The tradition started years ago and has continued every year. We actually place ourselves near the body of water that we live near every year and we photograph ourselves in our silly outfits in front of the water! We do not Photoshop ourselves into any scene, so everything you see in the photos is really there. In 2014 we photographed ourselves in front of the Pacific Ocean in California, in 2015 we photographed ourselves in front of Diamond Lake in Michigan, and this year we photographed ourselves in front of Lake Michigan (though we live in Indiana now).

Christmas 2016

     We were absolutely freezing this year since the winds were blowing right off of Lake Michigan onto the snow blowing right at us! It was the coldest we've ever been in our lives. It was extremely difficult for both of us to use our cameras and remotes since we had to be gloveless for that which numbed our hands and Jenny even had to hand place each and every one of her 30 ornaments onto the tree in the freezing wind. Did we mention that we had to get to our spot by precariously carrying all of our props over a literal log over a icy cold river...? It was only mildly scary since the log was covered in ice and we were carrying expensive gear and a fall would likely result in frost bite since we weren't close to the car. All of these factors are why we have fewer props in our photo this year. We'd planned on making a snowman to be in the photo, but it was clearly not happening unless we literally wanted to lose hands in the process. All that and we still had to pay $10 to go to the beach and drive the 40 minutes home! 

Christmas 2015

     The first year of our weird Christmas cards was warm on a beach in California, so the following year Jenny thought it'd be funny if we still photographed outside by water with "palm trees" next to us (since the year prior we built a sand snowman in the warm weather). For 2015 we did just that. The 2015 was easier since we just had to walk out of the house and into the yard to decorate. It gave us the option to run in and warm up before photographing more... though it did take 2 days because on day 1 we ran out of sunlight, warmth, and patience at the end of the day. We may have overdone it on props, but we liked that we wore the same outfit as the prior year and decided that we'd do it that way annually. 

Christmas 2014

     In 2014 we started our photos with Jason's offhanded suggestion that we take a Christmas photo together. Jenny jumped on that opportunity and headed to the thrift store and got a Christmas tree, ornaments, santa gloves, santa hats, and giant nutcracker. Jason thought pug sweaters would be funny, so we got some on Black Friday and Jenny said she'd wear her red stockings and red & white striped bathingsuit bottoms. Jason (not wanting to be upstaged) decided he'd also wear his red and white striped undies his friends had bought him. And that's how it all began... complete with giant seaweed as Christmas tree garland and sand snowman as a prop!

     Next year we're opting for "easy" and plan on photographing the annual Christmas photo literally across the street on the St. Joe river here in Indiana. It will likely be less freezing since the woods should block the wind and will be less embarrassing since the cliff will block our neighbors off from seeing us in essentially our undies! We DO have a really funny thing planned for next year, so we're extremely excited to pull that off! It'll definitely be the funniest to date, so it's something to look forward to. 

    Also, here are a couple photos of our fur children that we took tonight. Haha we hope that you like them! (Just a fun FYI: Petsmart is phasing out the Martha Stewart pet clothing this December to make way for Ellen's new pet clothing line, so many items are over 75% Off meaning many great things are just a couple bucks!) We hope that you all have a wonderful time with your families this weekend for Christmas and that you stay safe and warm! We'll be spending it at home with our pets and we can't wait to visit our immediate families and best friends out West in Arizona & California on the 6th of January! Happy Holidays!!