Caitlin & Joe's Formal Engagement Session

     You may recognize these two from their Michigan Engagement rowboat Session this summer! Caitlin and Joe are wedding clients of ours for the summer of 2017 and we've known them for over 8 months now. These two were so fun to work with that we were more than willing to capture some more traditional photos of them in our Studio and On Location this Fall for another small Engagement Session! They'd already ordered prints and such from us, but we all wanted to ensure that they got some more photos of them in the Studio since during the Summer Session they were mainly sitting in a boat the entire time!

     We met them in the morning before we all headed off to attend a Notre Dame football game! Like most of our wedding clients for 2017, Caitlin & Joe live in separate states (Indiana and Pennsylvania respectively), so it's always wonderful when we're able to meet up with them in South Bend! Joe is off in Pittsburg gaining an additional degree after his undergraduate degree from Notre Dame and Caitlin is in Indianapolis working after having gained her degree from St. Mary's College! 

     As we shared a few weeks ago, they approach their long-distance engagement with steadfast dedication. They travel nearly 6 hours to be with each other after long work weeks and drive even more hours to come get photographed by us. Anyone who has literally "gone the distance" for their significant other be it for months or years... cities apart, states apart, coasts apart, or countries apart knows this bittersweet life of stealing away for sacred time together. This dedication doesn't go unnoticed. Just as we're impressed by our couples who've been together 6 to 8 years prior to marriage, we're equally impressed by those who have the fortitude to overcome any distance for their loved one. 

     Caitlin and Joe definitely embody many things that we deeply admire. They prize education and have gone on adventures abroad floating through the Amazon and continue their travels both near and far. We both also prize education (with BFA and MFA in photography and other disciplines) and love to travel and learn about the world around us! (Though Jenny has been to 10 countries, Jason hasn't left the country, so at least 1 trip outside the country is on the roster for 2017!) They are also obviously very committed to one another, make each other laugh always, and prioritize their relationship which indicates that they will have a long, prosperous marriage ahead of them! 

     Caitlin & Joe: We cannot wait until next summer! Your Basilica wedding in a bit over 7 months will be an absolute blast and we're so thankful to have you in our lives! 

     Up on next week's blog post we have Sandy & Lindsay's snowy Engagement Session from this coming weekend to share with ya! (And following that will be our annual ridiculous Christmas card on Wednesday December 21st! You're not ready for this!) Have a great, safe weekend!