A Move & Exciting Things-!!

     Oops! So obviously we missed our blog post last week which was a first time in literally 36 weeks/ 9 full months that we went a week without a blog post. We had a great excuse, though: We bought a house-!! AND that house was supposed to have WiFi by last Tuesday, but it was not working and they had to send people over to us on the last day of the week to fix the problem(s). We could have gone to the library to post something on the blog, but honestly Wednesday was the roughest moving day there was. We were literally pouring sweat through our clothes filling trailers to their brim with furniture for 6 or 7 hours and then it would spontaneously downpour rain. Gooooood times. 

      We also have a new art studio, consultation room, AND editing room/ office, so the past full week has been spent carting that furniture from 40 minutes away. Fortunately having the indoor art studio and consultation room means that photographing in the snowy Midwest winter will be a lot easier and more pleasurable. AND it means that we will be able to meet people at our own office rather than elsewhere! 

     The week's also included our house being swarmed with people setting up new things (new furnace, fixed chimney, new WiFi & cable, etc.), so that's been extremely rough for us introverts. I think at one point there were 10 people in our house with our cat screaming in a bedroom trying to escape. Needless to say, it's been a stressful, busy time and we're not even finished with the home updates and moving the last of our things-! We also have a family member visiting in a couple days for a 4-day stay, so we've been in an ultra rush to make everything appropriate and finished (looking...). In the midst of all of that we've still been working as well as checking out humane societies for a big dog to add to our "wolf pack." (Woo-! We have 2 great potential candidates and our paperwork is all in for them.) 

     Today we're again in the midst of moving and decorating big things, so we apologize for the lack of too many photos here. (We may share photos of our personal living space inside at some later point, but not yet. Only our art-covered living room & guest bedroom are completely finished-!) We think that was the last "load" of our things today other than 2 large items we have over at Jenny's parents' attic (everyone needs a parade-sized Chinese dragon, ok?!), so we feel the sweet relief of "finished for now" being just around the corner... in a couple weeks probably. 

    Jenny's birthday is in less than 2 weeks, so on September 5th we plan on just sitting by the river or in our backyard to breathe. We may even turn off all technology for the day to savor the silence and peace. A HUGE shout out and "thank you" to all of you who've helped in our moving process! The 4 of you were extremely helpful in your guidance, advice, and willingness to lend a hand.