Caitlin & Joe's SouthWest Michigan Adventure Engagement

     We met Caitlin back in March in Indiana and immediately loved she and her family! We've been waiting about 5 months to officially meet her fiance Joe and the wait was worth it!

     Caitlin and Joe went to college in South Bend and have their wedding at the gorgeous Notre Dame Basilica of the Sacred Heart next summer. They currently live in different states (Joe being off in Pennsylvania), have been together for 7 years (like the majority of our couples), and are a very accomplished duo! While off on our crazy Engagement Session adventure we learned that Joe grew up in the mountains while Caitlin grew up on a lake AND that the two of them love adventure so much that they even visited the Amazon-!! They're incredibly tough and intelligent with a great sense of humor and we really enjoyed our time together and can't wait for more fun at the wedding next summer!

     For their Engagement Session they chose the most adventuresome location: in a rowboat in marshy area behind a lake in Michigan-! Just across the border from Indiana a good half hour from South Bend the two traveled having just arrived from PA & Indianapolis. We started out in a little stream, moved to a pier down the road (pulling the boats behind us on a trailer- thanks, David!), and then raced the setting sun to get a few more shots in a couple locations out behind the lake. Joe & Caitlin had to readjust the boat many times as we had them paddle around and braved the poses & mosquitos in what was most definitely our most physically challenging Engagement Session to date-! 

     We're so thankful that they braved the chaos with us and knocked the Engagement Session out of the park! We have some minor chemical burns from removing a red paint edge of the old row boat and a ton of mosquito bites, but everything was well worth it! We love how the images came out and are so excited to work with the two of them again! Caitlin & Joe: We hope that you had a nice, calm Sunday and that we get to see you again soon!