"Fur Children" Portraits

     So... we know that last week was a reveal of our new house, but... we also just adopted a rescue dog!! We're excited to have our own lovable pup after hanging out with everyone else's dogs for years. Her name is Coco, she's about a year old, and they think she's part Vishla/ party Greyhound. So far she's been a sweetheart, but seems to have come to us with a cold so she's on medication at the moment. She and our 9 year old rescue Kevin have been adjusting to each other pretty well with fascination and only mild confusion. They're both pretty calm, friendly animals so it's been funny watching them interact. Shout out to both the Humane Society of Elkhart County and the Humane Society of St. Joseph County for providing us with affordable, sweet pets within the past year-!! 

     Of course being photographers we had to take some quickie official photos of our pet children. After bribing them both with treats they've come to believe that sitting on these pieces of furniture and posing warrants food no matter what. I guess they're easily trainable...? 

     We hope you enjoy this ridiculousness and have a great Labor Day weekend while we celebrate Jenny's birthday with a little serenity! We'll have some awesome Engagement Sessions to share with ya in of first two Weekly Wednesdays of September and we're pretty excited to release those! Stay tuned for some great stories!