Kalamazoo Sunset with Kailee & Alejo

      A few days ago we were able to photograph Kailee and Alejo's Engagement Session in Kalamazoo, Michigan. We met Kailee and Alejo up in Kalamazoo at a Wedding Event back in January this year and were excited to finally get to work with them this May! This great couple has been together for 6 years and were an absolute pleasure to work with. Alejo is originally from Colombia and previously lived in NYC, but he and Kailee met and they now happily live together in Michigan. The two of them are both bilingual in Spanish & English and you can tell immediately that their personalities mesh very well together. 

     Although the small park we'd met at was surprisingly filled with hundreds of (the best dressed we'd ever seen) extremely diverse prom high school students and just the weekend before we had another couple's Engagement Session unknowingly at the exact same time as many Notre Dame students were graduating (and running around the campus with their families), the KZoo Session went very well and was nice and warm! We didn't get a ton of photos in the park, but Alejo and Kailee were easy to work with and didn't seem to mind. They both have a laid back attitude and were totally fine with us running them around to the 7 locations within the city that we had picked out a week prior while we were up near Kalamazoo for a wedding networking event at a new venue. Luckily the city has a perfect layout and each spot we liked was within less than a block from the last! 

     Kalamazoo is such a great city for them and we have started to fall in love with it, too. The city has a great sense of community and is just a wonderful, thriving young city that is very walkable and safe. The community embraces the arts and has an exciting downtown. It's also just a short hour inland of Lake Michigan beaches and surrounded by a plethora of smaller Michigan lakes. Kailee and Alejo's wedding will actually be next month at one of those local lakes!

     Thanks so much to you both Kailee & Alejo for being so fun to work with and having patience as we carted you along to all of the locations while going well over our hour! Just remember to always hold hands in that ever so natural claw position... haha.