Kyrsten & Adam: Ohio Fifth Anniversary

     Though we shared photographs of Kyrsten and Adam's beautiful Puerto Rico wedding from 5 years ago on our blog last February upon their 4th Anniversary (click the link here to check out the blog post of their destination Puerto Rico wedding photos! >>>> ) we wanted to take a moment and share some of the wonderful photos and memories of their April 21st Ohio hometown wedding here on the blog this April!

     Two days and two months ago (February 10th) marked the 5 year anniversary in this awesome couple's marriage and next Friday (April 21st) marks the 5 year anniversary of their hometown wedding reception in St. Mary's, Ohio! Jenny went to university with Kyrsten, they ended up moving to the same city after graduation (Columbus, Ohio), AND they've known each other for over 11 years, so Jenny was thrilled that she was able to photograph Kyrsten & Adam's fall/ winter engagement photos, winter destination wedding, and spring hometown wedding reception!  

     Kyrsten and Adam are an amazing pair. The two met sometime before her Senior year of college and dated for probably 3 & a half years before getting married, so it's been well over 8 years that they've been together. Kyrsten is ever the design and fashion expert, so she actually did all of the wedding planning for their destination wedding remotely from Ohio while working full time as a project coordinator at her desk job (like the badass she is). Everything from hair & makeup to limo to wedding rehearsal dinner to flowers and everything in between all had to be decided on far from Puerto Rico with only one trip to the area to check out the venues! Then just two months later they celebrated their marriage with an equally beautiful hometown reception in St. Mary's, Ohio. 

     The hometown wedding reception in St.Mary's was a bit under 2 hours from Columbus, so the drive wasn't too bad. The day started with Kyrsten and the bridesmaids getting ready in a house nearby right on Grand Lake. Some who hadn't been able to make it to Puerto RIco were there and everyone was having fun joking around with each other. We then headed over to the reception location which was a gorgeous little venue right on the lake. (It even had an upstairs with lodging which was great!) Kyrsten's mom had catered appetizers in one area and Kyrsten did a magnificent job choosing the decor for the reception. One of her bridesmaids had me put together a physical album of some of the photos I took at the Puerto Rico destination wedding they had 2 months earlier and they also had me edit some photos to sepia so they could be hung in giant poster-sized frames at the reception which was great! People filtered into the space and the reception dinner went off without a hitch! The speeches were moving (especially after having spent so much time with them in that past half year for wedding things) and everyone had a blast dancing the night away after dinner. Kyrsten and Adam were so thankful to everyone that had come to both their Puerto Rico and hometown weddings and were so humble and sweet while voicing that at the end. 

      The two still live right next to Columbus, Ohio (Upper Arlington instead of their old place in the German Village) with their cute pups and amazing home! They've done many beautiful renovations on their new home- some of the most beautiful we've ever seen anyone do on their own! They're both extremely talented at building and upcycling vintage items and their home updates have been inspirational for us to watch since we have many updates we'd love to make in our own home! 

     Thanks for stopping in for this week's Weekly Wednesday and hope you enjoyed it! Next week we're photographing Greg & Abbey's St. Mary's College/ South Bend/ Mishawaka wedding, so our next blog will be re-visiting their Engagement Session photos and talking a bit about them in anticipation of their wedding day next week-!! Catch ya on the flip.