Lauren and Steve's Santa Barbara, California Wedding!

     This week we're sharing a memorable wedding from today's date just a few years back (before we had this blog)! Three years ago on this very day was the big day for Lauren and Steve. This couple first met in Santa Barbara, CA while in school and sought to weave a visit to some of their favorite locales into the events of the wedding day. While things didn't go quite as planned with the final schedule of the day, we did get to visit a couple of the most important spots prior to the wedding. 

     The couple had rented a trolley to get us from the prep location to nearby Butterfly Beach, then on to The Mission Rose Gardens and finally to the event venue. Having this trolley helped to eliminate the logistical issues of moving everyone from location to location, a very welcomed addition making things much easier on all involved. Not only did the travel around town make this wedding a memorable one, but we also shot on a combination of digital and medium format film.  

     The choice to use film helped to create a more unique look for the locations due to its subtle tones and coloration. The dynamic range of the film itself also helped alleviate and deal with the harsh direct sunlight of the chosen mid-day shoot times. When life hands you a mid-day time slot, you do everything you can to deal with those harsh 12'O clock shadows. Wonderfully we walked away with solid images and made it to the venue a few minutes before the scheduled start time.

     The remainder of the ceremony went off without a hitch. A minimalist venue placed a couple hundred of yards from the ocean is impossible to disappoint. Here are just a few of images to showcase that memorable day 3 years past. Congratulations Lauren and Steve on your 3rd Anniversary and may you celebrate a lifetime more of happy years together! Cheers!