Greg & Abbey Get Married THIS Week-!!

    The big day is just a mere few days away for Greg & Abbey and we couldn't be more excited for them! With our Engagement Session with Greg and Abbey being one of our most memorable of last summer, we felt that it would be a great time to share some of the photos of them from last summer in St. Joe, Michigan.

     If you remember our post from a year ago, you'll remember that the two have been together about 8 years (as of this June)! The two are pretty laid back, but very driven with fantastic educational degrees and jobs. They're extremely humble with great senses of humor, so they're a joy to work with. Having persevered through a bit of long-distance literally across the country from each other we know that they can make it through anything life throws their way! (We're so glad they're now able to live together in California!) 


     Greg & Abbey will be celebrating their wedding at a local college (that Abbey attended) in South Bend, Indiana and will celebrate their reception in Mishawaka (the hometown of Adam Driver A.K.A Kylo Ren). The college is stunning and when we scouted out the foliage and area this week we were thrilled that it is filled with gorgeous spring foliage and a ton of flowers-! We wanted to stay the whole day, but there was work to be done. We cannot WAIT to photograph them in the gorgeous locations in just a few days! Jenny also had a bit of nostalgia during our location scouting day (for posed photos and where we'll be photographing during the 10 hours) since the theatre at the college is where she went to watch plays both in preschool (since the preschool was on the college campus) AND high school where her friends performed the high school plays. Not only that, but the gorgeous reception hall a city over has many different areas for wedding receptions beautifully decorated and we found out by visiting that the room Greg and Abbey will be celebrating in is exactly where Jenny practiced many times a week in her late teens with her travel volleyball team-! (The building had once been a YMCA and was completely turned around and renovated into a beautiful wedding venue-!) We had such a fun time exploring and found so many wonderful nooks and crannies to photograph from that we're just itching to photograph these two and their bridal party.

      Tomorrow we're meeting with Abbey and Greg and we're just so excited for them to celebrate their wedding after 8 amazing years together! They definitely deserve the wonderful celebrations this week and we couldn't be happier for them. We can't wait for their wedding in less than a few days-!!  It's going to be gorgeous and such a fun celebration of a sweet, impressive couple. We hope you enjoyed re-visiting the photos from their Engagement Session almost a full year ago and we cannot wait to share with you next week (just a few days after their wedding) a quick sneak peek of their wedding in our next blog post!