Nov 23: Jake & Tony's Senior Portrait Sessions

     This week we're happy to share with you Jake & Tony's Senior Photos! Jake & Tony are brothers (specifically fraternal twins) who we were able to work with. The two attend Jenny's old high school and are trying to figure out what university they'll be attending next year. Due to scheduling, we photographed them separately a week apart from each other. We used different locations for each of them and loved getting to know them & their unique personalities. 

     We started with Jake's Senior Portraits. Jake (like Jenny) helps out at a local elementary school (CKS). He is also an athlete skilled in track & swimming and is pretty easy-going. As a Senior in high school, Jake's in the midst of trying to figure out what college to go to. Most of his choices are in Indiana or Ohio, and one of his choices is Jenny's alma mater university- Miami of Ohio! 

**We also found that Jake is great at a serious face and smiles on command much better than either of us!

     We photographed Tony for his Senior Photos the following weekend. Tony is applying to different colleges than Jake, one still being a school in Ohio! (Jenny has great things to say about Ohio- her home state for 7 years.) We talked to him about the old high school building that they just tore down this summer and about how exciting it is to finally graduate high school. Tony is also an athlete enjoying football amongst other sports! He's not sure, but hopes to possibly study business in college. 

**Tony also has a killer serious face and on-command smiles!

     These two guys were a blast to work with! Their easy-going personalities made it fun to take them around to our different locations for portraits and chat with them all the while. Thanks so much for working with us Jake, Tony, & Michelle! We can't wait to see which portraits you choose for the Senior Photos! We're so excited to get those prints to you!

     Up next week is Leslie & Joe's Couple Session on the 30th! We can't believe November flew by so quickly and we're so excited for the Sessions this coming December! Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours and we hope to catch you next week! And remember... "It isn't what you have in your pocket that makes you thankful, but what you have in your heart."