Patty's Family Mini Session

     Amidst a work trip up to Grand Rapids & Kalamazoo, Michigan we were lucky enough to be able to photograph a Mini Session for Patty, her sister Paulina, and Patty's boyfriend Ruben. We met Patty 6 months ago while we were modeling at a wedding venue with other models & photographers near Kalamazoo. Everyone we worked with was absolutely wonderful and very community-oriented. We were very inspired by their kindness and are happy we've made so many genuine friendships from this Mitten Tribe. 

     For the Family Portrait Session Patty chose a beautiful fall-filled location in Kalamazoo and we photographed she and her sister first & foremost. Patty and her sister Paulina lost their mother much too young 3 years ago, so Patty has been a huge part of her sister's teenage years. Together they have dealt with the pain of tragic loss and Patty has really stepped up to be a larger role than just "sister." They still giggle and fight like sisters, but you can tell how much they love and respect each other. 

     During the Session Patty gifted her sister a beautiful heart necklace. Paulina was close to turning 16 days after the Session and this meant a lot to her in lieu of a party. Though she did not want to partake in a traditional Quinceanera for her birthday, she was able to spend time with her family members. It was heartwarming knowing that they still have each other and can depend on that love. 

     After photographing Patty with her sister so that they can enjoy family photos in years to come, we photographed Patty with her long-term boyfriend Ruben. We had been planning to do so in snowy December on his break, but he actually arrived in on plane the day before Patty's Session so we were more than happy to include him in on the Family Session. These two like many of our 2017 wedding clients have been in a long-distance relationship. Ruben has been off in California getting a years & years long advanced degree while Patty has been working in Michigan post-college. To begin their relationship, these two reconnected on a bus while they were in college and have been best friends in their relationship ever since. 

     Immediately you can tell that these two keep each other laughing, but also push each other to be great people. They both have the utmost humility and kindness. Plus, as we've stated earlier this week speaking from experience, long-distance relationships across the country take so much fortitude which these two have truly proven through their strength and consistent support: Proof that true love can overcome any distance. 

     We absolutely loved working with Patty, her boyfriend, and her sister during this heartwarming Family Portrait Session. Patty: Thank you so much for letting us photograph you with your loved ones during this Session! We had a blast with you all!

     Coming up next Weekly Wednesday on Wednesday the 23rd are Jake & Tony's Senior Portrait Sessions! We're including them in one post since they're brothers/ twins and we'd like to share both of their Sessions at once.