Cassopolis, Michigan

     This week's a busy work week with 3 Engagement Sessions in 3 states, client print package deliveries, video editing, location scouting, photo editing, product designing and ordering, and wedding consultation time, but we'd love to quickly share with you some recent events that we were able to attend in Cassopolis, Michigan this month.

     Cassopolis began in 1831 and was a major transit point in the Underground Railroad. The town itself has a population around 1,700, the buildings are historic, there are a handful of running businesses, and it's a pretty easy-going area. Jenny's grandparents had a home up in Cassopolis, Michigan at Diamond Lake which is why she's known about and visited Cassopolis her entire 30 years of life- sometimes 4 months at a time. Diamond Lake itself is one of the 100 largest lakes in Michigan and there's even another smaller lake in the town called Stone Lake (that used to be across from an A&W before it closed). At this lake is a log cabin history museum. They recently held "Pioneer Days" in Cass and we were able to check it out. There were street vendors selling Elephant Ears (for West Coasters: Sort of a giant disc similar crispy on the inside & fluffy on the outside covered in cinnamon sugar similar to funnel cakes), a beer garden, music, and other fun things. We rode a few blocks on a hay ride in blistering heat and then headed to the Log Cabin Museum to check it out. It... was amazing. The entire upstairs are cases after cases of very well preserved animals and the rest of the museum is packed to the brim with historic relics from Native Americans to early settlers. 

     At this event we also got to talk to local artisans, a blacksmith, and some Native Americans. Everyone was extremely willing to share their craft with us and talk with us about their life beliefs. It was really nice. If ever in Cassopolis, try to check out the Log Cabin Museum! (As a sign now says, it's also a Pokemon stop so maybe the kids will be a little more inclined to visit...?)

     Also this month was a triathlon at Diamond Lake (originally created by the amazing Abby Paul!). Though we honestly don't foresee ourselves partaking in a Triathlon or Marathon anytime soon (or ever...? 10Ks are just fine), it was impressive and entertaining to watch all age groups compete in the swim, bike, run at that ungodly hour in the morning. We wanted to share more photos that we captured of the athletes since we haven't had a chance yet to share the photos we snapped. Please enjoy and share with anyone you think may have participated or may be interested in checking them out-!

    We hope you enjoyed seeing a few of the events in Cassopolis, Michigan and if you're the short half hour away in South Bend, Indiana or any surrounding area you should definitely check out the beautiful Cass County Fair in the city! It's back on rolling green hills and is a fun fair to attend. It starts in a little over a week on July 31st and goes until August 6th. We can't wait to go! We'll be back next week to share with ya some more great Engagement Sessions from Chicago, Michigan, & Indiana!