A Big City and a Little Bit Country

     Although the past weekend saw a lot of random rain in the Midwest, luckily we were still able to capture our clients' Engagement Sessions in Chicago and Indiana! We've been working for 4 to 6 months on planning these Sessions, so while the forecasts in these states changed dramatically in the days leading up to the shoot (sunny 90 degree weather to sudden thunderstorms causing us ladies stress) everything luckily worked out and we didn't even have to change any dates or times for their outdoor photoshoots! Whew. We were all excited and relieved everything worked out and are extremely excited about the images as different as they are for each couple. 

     Our Friday Session in Chicago has been in the works for almost 4 months now. We'll call the couple "V & V" since they want their Engagement Photos to be a surprise to their friends. We met V & V back in April at an event and even met up with them over a month ago in Chicago to discuss their Engagement Session. The two are an amazingly fun-loving couple with a hugely intellectual side. They're both from Greece, have been together for seven years (like most of our couples- yay!), and are multi-lingual. Not only that, but they're extremely humble. He is working on his PhD program (we'll tell you about it in a future blog post) while she holds two master's degrees and works in journalism. 

     The two wanted to partake in an irreverently fun photojournalism style shoot that followed them around Chicago. Jenny grabbed some props and we all literally went to town with the shoot. We even made it to two restaurants along the way! We're only sharing a bit of their story here from their Session right now because we're doing a big single post with tons of the fun photos at a later date. We want so badly to share the photos with you, but for now we must hold off to respect the couples' wishes. (Trust us: They're awesome! Pink smoke, balloons, and craziness galore!)

     Contrasting with the craziness of the city and spontaneity of the edgy shoot from Friday was our countryside Indiana Session with Jolene and Kyle on Saturday. We met Jolene 6 months ago at an event in Indiana and she knew immediately what weekend they wanted for their Engagement Session. It was a special weekend because both Jolene & Kyle had their birthdays over the weekend and Monday was their anniversary, so we were thrilled when the rain downpour stopped and the rain let up mere minutes before their sunset photoshoot. Even their son Nate was excited to partake in some of the photos! The area we photographed in Indiana was strewn with beautiful rustic props and the cloudly skies only helped us create the perfect ambiance.