Corporate Photography in Elkhart: Pro Fleet Transportation

This is a belated blog post that we’re sharing this week, but we thought we’d switch it up and share some corporate photography work on the blog this week (just in case you were getting burnt out on our constant wedding and engagement photography)!

In this photoshoot, we were hired to photograph vehicles and environmental portraits for Pro Fleet Transportation and licensed them imagery for their marketing! A friend of ours (Dexter) moved back from Seattle with his wife (our friend Dani) so that they could buy a house locally as he transitioned into running the company. Twenty-six years ago Dani’s father-in-law Chris started the business and continues to help run it with Dexter (and partner Pletcher). In the midst of his integration into the company over the past year and a half, Dexter wanted some new imagery for their online presence (website, Facebook, and more), so he reached out to us to capture specific imagery of the company’s fleet of vehicles and some environmental portraiture and we were happy to oblige.

For their corporate photography session, we headed out to Elkhart to photograph the trucks and people on location. Pro Fleet utilizes many spaces, so we used one such space to set up our studio lights to capture some of them and the vehicles near sunset. A couple of employees of Pro Fleet helped us out by moving the trucks where we instructed them to move them and switched out vehicles when needed. (**The last grouping of photos above are some wonderful Behind the Scenes (BTS) photos of us moving around lighting for the shots- very glamorous)!

Pro Fleet has since updated their website with some of the new images and has been marketing on Facebook with the imagery as well. We checked up on their website and were happy to see the new layouts-!

We hope that you enjoyed this switch up to corporate photography for this Weekly Wednesday blog post-! Next week we’ll be back to the regularly scheduled program chatting about wedding photography and choosing all of your wedding vendors-! Throughout April we’ll also be sharing a 5th Year Wedding Anniversary from a Santa Barbara, CA wedding back in ‘14 and more, so stay tuned for some exciting things coming up! We hope you had a great first week of Spring and we’ll catch you after a few more wedding meetings in our Consultation Office over the next week!