The Morris Park Country Club South Bend Wedding Expo this Winter!

With yesterday having been the last day of winter we found it fitting to share photos from the recent winter Morris Park Country Club Bridal Show (that happened a week and a half ago this winter) here in South Bend, Indiana (a little over an hour from Chicago for those not from the Midwest)!

The Morris Park Country Club Bridal Show is a wedding expo has been happening here in South Bend, Indiana for the past 4 winters. We’re the only photography company that has been in this show for the past 4 years straight, so this year we helped sponsor the event! We set up our booth in a different spot this year and also photographed the event after chatting with a great amount of brides, grooms, and families/ friends of the couples! Our favorite wedding vendors were also there: Anna Hagen the harpist, Ned with ProShow DJ Service, Jim with In Tune DJ services, C’est la Vie cakes as well as Macri’s Bakery and Sweet Em’s (all 3 great local wedding cake creators), and more-! We met videographers that we love and the place was decorated everywhere with Poppies by Polly flowers and Greta’s bridal gowns everywhere-! All-in-all the show flew by so much so that we even forgot to get an entire photo of OUR booth amidst chatting with couples and photographing the other vendors-! (That’s how you know the time flew by!) Here are some photos from the show (including Jenny rocking our Jenny and Jason Photography apparel that we designed and had made locally about 7 months ago! Reminder that over 6 year ago Jenny designed the heart logo from two upside down J’s: i.e. the first letter of both of our first names-!):

4 years ago we actually participated in a whopping 8 wedding expos within one year in Chicago, Southwest Michigan, and Indiana (so an expo about every month or two) and at the end of the day realized that it was much more efficient for us to narrow down and go to only small wedding expos and bridal shows. The big ones were just too overwhelming for couples as often there were full halls of wedding vendors, multiple rooms or wedding vendors, 3 wedding DJs and a live wedding band all blaring music as loudly as they could literally touching our booth (and we literally couldn’t even hear the engaged couple speaking to us), and more with way, way too many vendors for couples to remember or even actually meet in such a short few hour time period. The Morris Park Bridal Show for us since many of our actual couples have their receptions here is our favorite and one of the only ones that we do throughout a year anymore after 10 years in the wedding photography industry. This one is specific to the couples that we often work with! We focus on quality clients rather than a vast quantity of couples per year, so a more intimate setting in which to really get to know and chat with couples is really ideal for us.

Attendees may not realize this, but often wedding expos cost us vendors $400 to $2,500 to participate in the 3 hour expos, so we really do have to narrow down those that we want to attend since we have a million other expenses as a LLC with it being our full-time job: insurance on our photography gear/ studio/ computers/ health/ cars/ etc, then updates to all of those things, business taxes, $600 a year for Photoshop & the design programs that come with it that are necessary for us to make the Save the Date cards & other cards for our clients, and much, much more. These also take us 5 hours the day prior to pack up, cart over, set up for, hours to be at, then hours to tear down afterward, then hours to put everything back into our studio and offices, so really it takes up a couple days if we want it looking as amazing as possible-!

Anywho, we hope you enjoyed this view into the recent wedding show and that you’re having a great first day of Spring! Next week we’ll be sharing a Corporate Photography Session that we captured for a company in Elkhart! With Spring comes many more Spring weddings and Engagement Sessions that we’ll be capturing from this March through June (along with some Family Portrait Sessions and a big event or two), so stay tuned throughout the upcoming Weekly Wednesday blog posts to catch some gorgeous upcoming photography throughout Spring! (Summer weddings: You’re next, then fall weddings!) We’re booking up 2020 and 2021 weddings currently, so if you have any friends or family members getting married anywhere in the world, throw them our email address: -! We have photographed weddings in 8 states and 3 countries (also capturing our couples who’ve come in from 13 states to get married locally), so we’re great with travel and quickly/ efficiently sorting out details-! (Plus we have higher photo educations than almost all other wedding photographers PLUS 10 years in the wedding photography business AND are a real couple, so you can’t go wrong)! #ShamelessPlug #Experts

********AND TRAVEL NOTICE: We will be in Arizona for a bit in Spring this April (with petsitters graciously watching our pets in our home), so if you are in need of an amazing Portrait Session, Engagement Session, Newborn Session, or Family Portrait Session, we will be in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Sedona throughout our time in Arizona and can be hired to capture gorgeous Sessions! We’ve captured Engagement Sessions, Family Portrait Sessions, and Portrait Sessions in Arizona before and love it out there, so we’re looking forward to it-! We’ll also be in California likely at the end of August (between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara) and will be traveling a bit in Italy before capturing Kyla & Walt’s wedding there at the start of October (between Bologna, Urbino, Pisa, and Siena!), so reach out to us at if you’re in one of those areas and have interest in hiring us to capture you beautifully!