May & Jimmy's Tropical Winter Engagement Session!

A few days ago over the weekend we captured May & Jimmy’s Engagement Session here in Indiana! We get to capture the wedding of these two at their alma mater The University of Notre Dame in a little over 3 months, so it was a treat to be able to get to know their relationship better by getting to photograph them together prior to their big day. Since Jimmy currently lives in New York we had up until this past weekend only met with May in person at our Consultation Office here in South Bend (when we chatted with her for hours before she went to check out wedding dresses) and had really been looking forward to meeting Jimmy in person this winter!

May is originally from Louisiana and Jimmy is from New York, so it seems like destiny that these two met in the middle in Indiana. These two met in college while at The University of Notre Dame, so it’s only fitting that their wedding take place there where their relationship started and began to flourish. These two had originally planned on having their wedding in NYC in 2020, but decided to move their wedding date up a year and have it in Indiana where May currently lives, where they met, and a nice in-between state for their families from Louisiana and New York to attend their wedding in. May works here in South Bend and is also working on her Masters degree in therapy from Northwestern (a fantastic near-Chicago university) while Jimmy teaches Math in New York currently.

Jimmy got in to Indiana from New York to visit May over Valentine’s weekend and just left a few days ago on Sunday this week. We had all thought about maybe doing their Engagement Session at Notre Dame and possibly utilizing the football field, but since this winter weather has been extremely unpredictable i.e. mainly rainy with no snow OR a literal Polar Vortex, we were excited when these two opted for a more warm, tropical spot for their Engagement Session!

003 may jimmy conservatory engagement.jpg

May & Jimmy’s Engagement Session was absolutely wonderful. Not only were these two funny throughout, but they also had an obvious deep connection and were adorable together. (Also they are style experts-! Just look at their variety in wonderful ensembles!) We were thrilled at how physically comfortable they were around each other willing to cuddle up throughout the Session (which no- that’s not always a given for everyone since it is a bit unnatural to be stalked by the two of us holding cameras facing you at all times). These two are the epitome of humility, class, and grounded…ness.

We had such a fun time with these two that it’s obvious that they innately put people at ease. They have a way of radiating serenity, love, and their great sense of humor that’s so inviting and comforting. We knew after meeting May in person and talking for hours with her months ago that Jimmy had to be great as well and we were just so thrilled to finally meet him and see them together, but even happier to see how well they complement each other.

006 may jimmy conservatory engagement.jpg

Jimmy and May had a meeting with their wedding priest after their Engagement Session with us, so it was a quick goodbye and it was a bit sad to see them go knowing that Jimmy had to go back to New York the next day. We’ll be working with them in the upcoming months to finalize their wedding schedule and plan for specific photo spots, so we’re excited for winter to evolve into spring i.e. their wedding season!

We hope that you enjoyed checking out these Teasers of Jimmy & May’s Engagement Session! We really did have fun capturing their love and were sad for out time to end, so we’re really looking forward to their big day!

May & Jimmy: We cannot wait to finish up editing the rest of the photos so that you can see them this week and we’re so excited to photograph your Notre Dame wedding so soon-! Jimmy: We hope that you had safe travels home this week and May: Thank you so much for arranging everything!

___________Unrelated: We’re doing a series of blog posts throughout this year talking about different aspects of wedding planning and vendor hiring, so next week’s topic is How to Prioritize your Wedding Vendors (which is perfect since next weekend is full of capturing weddings and a wedding expo that we’ll be presenting our work at)! We’ve helped out with a lot of wedding planning over the past 10 years with our couples, so we have a good workflow on how to sort through your wedding details as well as planning (from booking your most important vendors first and working your way down the list of vendors and products that you’ll need for your big day no matter how big or small your wedding). **Check back next Weekly Wednesday for more on that before we dive head first into sharing Wedding Season photography and wedding expo photography!