St. Joe Sunset Engagement with Greg & Abbey

     Although Abbey lives in South Bend, Indiana and Greg lives in California, we chatted with them for a couple months and sorted out a fun Engagement Session in St. Joe, Michigan for when Greg was to be in town (state)! St. Joe is about an hour away, but the downtown is a wonder little beach town. Greg and Abbey decided that they wanted some photos downtown and some by the beach, so we scouted about 8 to 10 spots that we thought they'd look great at. Even though our first location fell through (lol NO we won't pay you $100 to snap a few photographs there for a couple minutes, location!), we think that Greg and Abbey looked absolutely stunning in the rest of the locations! 

     Like a lot of the couples we've been working with lately, Greg and Abbey will be getting married next year and have been together for 7 years this month-! This is a huge accomplishment (speaking from experience!) and we couldn't be happier for them! They were such a sweet, calm couple to work with and we really appreciated their humility and humor. Now both post-college, Abbey works night shift with premature babies in the hospital and Greg works as a consultant out in San Francisco. Abbey will be moving out to California to Greg and to a new job in a hospital, so it's a pretty hectic time in their lives working, planning the wedding, and planning both a huge move and job transition. 

     We really loved Greg & Abbey's weekend aspirations to relax, have dinner and a drink, then go home to chill and watch Netflix due to exhaustion and need for some relaxation after a long week. That's 100% our kind of weekend right there! A crazy coincidence that we also found out is that Greg & Abbey actually went to school with Mere & Matt- another couple whose Engagement Session we captured 3 weeks ago at Notre Dame! The coincidences just keep coming! We're so happy that we get to work with wonderful couples (who have been together longer than many people have been married) and we're ecstatic to get them some quality photos to commemorate their love and commitment to one another.

     This week we've been finishing up more Print Packages for clients, putting together a Photography Workshop, booking clients, and planning our meetings with 3 couples in Chicago to chat about Wedding Photography this Saturday! As Wedding Photographers we get used to a schedule of editing, ordering, and customer service within the weekdays starting immediately when we wake up each day and then photographing/ working a lot more on the weekends. We're just so excited to meet great new people and be busy that we don't mind all of the consistent weekend travel lately!