Obligatory Holiday Blog Post 2015

Hey all! Sorry for the delay on this blog post. It's Thursday and we're exhausted. We were supposed to get in to Arizona at 4 p.m. yesterday (6 pm our time/ Eastern time) and then upload our blog and images to our website, but obviously that did not happen. Our flight was delayed 6 hours and we didn't get in until 10 pm and it took another hour to get to Jenny's parents' house. So... at 11 pm we caught up with everyone and opened Christmas presents since we are only here for 1 day before driving on to visit Jason's family in California. By the time we got ready for bed it was 3 a.m. here and 5 a.m. at home, so we decided to push our "Weekly Wednesday" post to Thursday for logical and sane reasons. 

We don't have a glorious post today about anything inspiring. We honestly don't even have our computers, cameras, or many images with us at all since the airline we stupidly took doesn't even allow for a carry-on. Today's post will just be a random assortment of Christmas images we've taken in the past of either our families or of clients around the holiday. 

The above are client photos we've loved and the below are our holiday family photos from previous years! Enjoy your holiday and we'll enjoy our 4 family parties within the next 30 hours in Arizona and California. Catch ya on the flip!