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Valentine's Day Sessions booking now until the end of February. 

Valentine's Day Sessions booking now until the end of February. 

Every month has its "something" to celebrate. In the United States October is Halloween, November is Thanksgiving, December is Christmas (& Hanukkah & Kwanzaa), January is the New Year, February is Black History Month, March is St. Pat’s, April is often Easter, and so on.

Oh, and I missed something: Valentine’s Day! February is often seen as the month of love. For me this “love month” has been taken to the extreme for 9 of the past 10 years when I’ve celebrated my significant other's birthday a few days after Valentine’s Day. This little fact popped up within the first 2 weeks that Jason and I knew each other. We had just hiked in some mountains and were sitting atop what we think was a helicopter pad and we were talking. At some point I said “Well at least your birthday isn’t days after Valentine’s Day” to which he replied that it is indeed a few days after Valentine’s Day. My mom’s birthday is on Christmas Day and she shared this day with her twin too, so I never want to ignore someone’s birthday for a holiday. I always feel the need to make BOTH the holiday AND birthday equally special with gifts and attention.

Other than my current relationship and 1 past relationship, I’ve always been single. Some people hate being single and are embarrassed by it. I don’t understand this and never will. I was never a person to go out and drink or be depressed on Valentine’s Day and never will be. When I was single I would always dress in cheesy red or pink. Some holidays I’d even go so far as to wear heart-shaped everything. I was THAT person. I still AM that person, but more subtly. I think love is an important thing in life and honestly one of the most important.

I think this stems from childhood and bringing Valentine’s cards to everyone in the class every year. I loved giving and getting candy from teachers, parents, and friends and never felt sad on the holiday. It was never my priority to be in a relationship and I honestly never wanted to be in one until college. I knew people loved me, I loved myself, and that was that. In adulthood they try to brainwash you to tell you that there’s something wrong with you if you haven’t coupled off. This is wrong. Being single is nice and loving yourself is of utmost importance. I know this is weird for a wedding photographer to say, but married people are no happier than any single person can potentially be. Loving yourself includes taking care of yourself and I honestly don’t believe that this means desperately seeking attention (physical or mental) from anyone. One should strive to cultivate a sense of security and contentment with being alone. If you happen to fall in love and couple off that’s great, but the priority should always be to be happy alone first.

That said, I am so lucky to have had so much love in my life and can’t even put into words how appreciative I am that Jason and I have joined on this crazy path. We were just at a wedding in California over the weekend and were able to celebrate others’ love for 7 hours straight! I don’t think I’ve been able to attend (and not shoot) a wedding with my significant other in least 5 years and it was Jason’s first time doing so! Being on the other side and attending rather than shooting/ working a wedding has a completely different feeling. Instead of being in “professional” mode, you get to relax and just leisurely enjoy the celebration. You see that love isn’t about silverware, bowls, blenders, a house, or anything like that… rather, it’s about a feeling as well as the people that give you that feeling.

In celebration of Love and Valentine’s Day being a mere week & a half away, we’re offering Valentine’s Mini Sessions! You don’t need to get married to capture memories of love and you don’t even need to be in a relationship to enjoy the holiday. The photos make for an awesome gift for loved ones if ya haven't already gotten anything <3

The Valentine’s Mini Session includes a 20 minute session of your choice:

*Backdrop with Props: A portrait with a nice backdrop & option of props and costumes OR

*Love On Location: Beautiful photos of you and your loved one(s)... or just you!

Again, neither of these require you to be in a relationship to participate! You can even get some professional photos of your true best friends: Your pets! Perhaps you want some great headshots or beautiful photos of yourself to use on your LinkedIn or Facebook Page. Treat Yoself! Maybe you want some crazy fun costumed or Photoshopped image of you and your significant other (or family or friend)? Just Do IT! We don’t know when the next time we’ll offer specials will be, so it’d be wise to snatch this one up! 


Also, it's apparently Superbowl weekend in a few days, so safely enjoy the weekend's festivities and we hope to catch ya next week for a Valentine's Day Mini Session! We'll be posting available days with their time slots for that on our Facebook page (www.Facebook/JennyandJasonPhoto) , so make sure to check that out or shoot us a message here on our website's Contact page!