Tennesseans Malyssa & Dakota's Michigan Engagement Session Teasers!

As the month of May comes to a close this week, we wanted to share one last May Engagement Session with you that we captured a few days ago this spring Memorial weekend! We’re capturing our wedding couple Malyssa & Dakota’s wedding in about 3.5 months this summer here in Indiana, but since our initial meeting with them, these two moved all the way to Nashville, Tennessee! They currently live and work in Nashville and have adopted two dogs since being down there- one just last week as well as their pup pictured below who is just 5 months old!

We initially met Malyssa because we’re obsessed with going to estate sales weekly and her family is one of the companies who runs many that we love going to (and we’ll actually be going to/ seeing them this week at one such estate sale)! Malyssa reached out to us since we had once given her our business card when chatting at a sale and she set up an in-person meeting so that we could meet Dakota and chat about their wedding! We all hit it off right away and we’re so excited to capture their wedding at Four Corners Winery here in Indiana coming up in mid-September! For their Engagement Session we sent over a gallery of our favorite spring/ summer locations for Engagement Sessions and these two actually chose a Michigan location- a Western beach on Lake Michigan!

For the Engagement Session Malyssa & Dakota headed up from Tennessee the evening prior to stay with family in Indiana and brought along their dog Hemera-! Dakota’s brother came along with his other half for the Session to watch over Hemera when she wasn’t in the photos (which was an amazing and something we’re always thankful for when folks are able to do that)!

( (Isn’t Hemera so cute?! She had never been to a beach/ lake before and immediately got excited! Her favorite parts were digging in the sand and all of the people with the most confusing part for her being the waves coming toward her.))

The weekend had initially called for literally ALL day downpours of rain for Friday morning through Monday night, but when we awoke on Saturday (ready to use our back-up indoor location here in South Bend, Indiana), the forecast had completely changed and no longer called for ANY rain! It was amazing! Because of this we were still able to capture Dakota and Malyssa at the beach at sunset around 8 pm rather than move the indoor Session up to 2 pm-!

Before their Session we headed up to Michigan an hour earlier because we wanted to see how badly the Memorial weekend tourists were filling the beach and it was indeed packed! Luckily we scoped out some spots that hid the beach goers completely and utilized the sand dunes well, so we were excited to capture them when they got to the beach with their crew!

We were thrilled to get to capture these two both with their pup Hemera and solo together around the beach! Luckily the weather stayed warm even past sunset (which was a very welcomed change from the cool, rainy weather we’ve had lately)!

These two looked amazing for their Engagement Session as you can see! They brought a piece of luggage with their second outfits and we were so thrilled with what they picked out to wear! Hemera the pup also had different collars and a bandana with her as well, so she got to join in on the outfit changes <3

After their evening Engagement Session this weekend, they got to head back to their families and have fun-filled (non-rainy) Memorial weekend days with them filled with a cookout and more!

Thank you two so much for coming up for your Engagement Session, Malyssa & Dakota! We had a blast catching up with you two and getting to capture your spring sunset Engagement Session on Lake Michigan this past weekend! Thank you also to Dakota’s relatives (his brother and girlfriend) who amazingly came along for it all just to watch Hemera! We hope you all had a blast bowling Saturday night and had family fun the rest of the long weekend before these 3 headed back home to Tennessee-!!

_______Unrelated: Coming up this weekend we’ll be capturing 11 hours of Rick & Rose’s two state wedding day at the Oliver Mansion (History Museum here in South Bend, Indiana) and Eagle Lake (Michigan)-!! We’ll also be photographing Bee & Jordan’s Engagement Session here in South Bend the day after that on Sunday, so we’re really looking forward to photographing and celebrating these two fantastic couples in less than a few days on the first day of June-!! This June is wedding and engagement packed, so stay tuned literally weekly for the beautiful wedding and Engagement Session updates as we capture, edit, print, and deliver these beautiful photos to our awesome 2019 couples from California to Italy!