Ricky & Rosina's Autumn South Bend Engagement Session!

Ricky and Rosina are ENGAGED! These two are set to wed the first day of June in a little over 6 months and we cannot wait to capture their big day. To lead up to it, just a few days ago we captured their Engagement Session here in South Bend, Indiana! These two met in the summer a few years ago while surrounded by their friends (Ricky with his guy friends and Rosina with her ladies) and hit it off right away chatting throughout the night. After dating for years these two have been engaged all year and have been planning their June 2019 wedding throughout the year. They’d originally decided on a destination wedding within a naturescape in Tennessee, but since many friends couldn’t make the drive/ trip for the intimate wedding, they opted for a local wedding at the gorgeous Oliver Mansion and then their reception at Eagle Lake in Michigan! They did know for sure this entire time, however, that they wanted a fall-looking Engagement Session, so they chose their date months ago and we scouted locations recently to ensure somewhere still had a beautiful Fall look to it (even if the snow just melted that afternoon)!

Jenny originally met Ricky through his sister who was in Jenny’s class since 1st Grade (also named Jenny), his mom who became friends with her mom, and his sister who was in Jenny’s sister’s class. Ricky is a year older, so they all attended the same school throughout 1st through 8th grade! Ricky and Jenny’s moms are appropriately both named Rose, so the were even more excited about Rosina (given the similar name)! Additionally Rosina is a joy to be around and loves time with family. We met her while she was with Ricky at a wedding expo in early March 8 months ago and started chatting with her more afterward followed by an in person meeting with the two of them! She and Ricky live in a house literally across the street from one of Ricky’s sisters (Sarah, husband Mike, baby Emmaline) in Granger, so they’re even able to see family as often as they want by just walking across the street! You may remember Ricky’s niece baby Emmaline from one of our Studio Infant Sessions this year (in her amazing unicorn basket, hats, overall cuteness) and another crazy coincidence is that Ricky’s sister Jen is also engaged to be wed soon! With all of this excitement over all 3 siblings, we’re really excited to add to all of it with Rosina & Ricky’s Engagement Session-! Without further adieu, Ricky & Rosina’s Engagement Session!

Since after the first weekend of November the weather can get very odd here in South Bend due to Lake Effect snow from Lake Michigan (with us being right near the top of the country), it’s always a bit scary narrowing down locations in late fall based on weather and leaves, but the weather really held out for Ricky & Rosina’s Engagement Session date! One of our local parks in town is our go-to for fall colors and scene diversity, but even though we’d photographed a fully fall colorful Family Portrait Session there just a week and a half prior, the leaves dropped and browned with the first two snows of the season just a week ago. Though many leaves were gone, we still had our pick of some glorious yellow, orange, and red trees scattered throughout the park to capture these two lovebirds within and were so excited that the fall colors held on for a couple days longer for them on this sunny 40 degree day since even earlier that day had snow sticking around which all ended up finally melting!

More about Ricky & Rosina themselves: Rosina is an easy-going, kind person who loves people. Her attitude shines brightly and her love for Ricky is obvious. Ricky, though more reserved, we can tell is a steady rock for Rosina. He holds her softly, makes her laugh, and goes with the flow. These two definitely know how to make each other smile and respect each others’ needs.

Since they are both very close with their families, these two originally planned on having an intimate wedding with just their families for days down states away in nature, then coming back for a hometown wedding the weekend after with other friends and such. When Ricky figured out that some friends couldn’t make it, they changed plans around and accommodated. This is huge to us because for some of our weddings we’ve found that couples plan around themselves, but these two wanted their close friends and family to partake and when they found a roadblock, they completely changed their plans. For them it was more important that their closest loved ones could partake in their happy day than anything!

It felt easy for us to photograph Rosina & Ricky’s love for one another. It’s really wonderful to watch a couple interact with comfort and ease and these two had no problems snuggling up in the cool fall weather and holding one another lovingly.

We’re so thrilled that we we were able to make it to many gorgeous spots to capture Rosina & Ricky’s love for one another. They even had another outfit for some diversity in photos which we were excited about and made things even more visually beautiful! P.S. Isn’t Rosina's ring gorgeously unique? We love the color!

Between a covered bridge, pond, pier, barns, teepee, and fall leaves these two to trekked to plenty of spots in the park for their photos! Somehow the ground was even completely dry (unlike during other recent Sessions), so they even got to sit out on a couple blankets amidst the park both in the woods and in an open field.

Sunset Sessions are our favorite since they’re so visually warm and inviting and we were lucky that both Rosina and Ricky were available during sunset this Sunday amidst their hectic schedules! It really was special to get to photograph a gorgeous fall Engagement Session outside in the fall leaves with them right around sunset with all of the warm orange, yellow, and red hues!

Congratulations, Rosina & Ricky on your engagement and upcoming 2019 wedding! We cannot wait to capture your wedding in a little over 6 months (and cannot wait to see how the final details unfold)! It’s going to be a beautiful day in Indiana and Michigan! (We’re also excited to send you the gallery later this week, so be on the lookout! We’ll be ready to print your favorites!)


Unrelated: We have some FIVE Sessions that we’ve captured recently and have yet to share at all (due to insanely busy photography business work) including a couple Portrait/ Headshot Sessions (in studio & on location), a Family Portrait Session (of a mom & her 1 year old son), an Adoption Portrait Session, and some corporate photography! We’ll be sharing some of these in the upcoming weeks/ months! This December (which shockingly starts in just a couple weeks) we’ll be sharing some of the annual work we’ve donated to the Humane Society as well as our Annual Christmas photo (Year 5)!

For the rest of 2018 we’re mainly focused on studio Portrait Sessions at our studio for the next month & a half as well as finishing up edits to about 3,000 photos, printing the final 5 physical wedding albums for the year, printing over 1,000 photos for 5 set of clients, holding final 2018 wedding consultations, and then completely REVAMPING our pricing across the board including 6 of our magazines on details and pricing (Wedding Magazine, Infant Magazine, Family Portrait Magazine, Senior Magazine, Engagement Session magazine, Portrait Magazine, etc). We also have to finish up 11 of our wedding boxes for clients, so we have daily work spreading throughout all of November and December alongside the volunteer coaching-! Whew! It’s always a daily juggle to keep everything finished perfectly on time or early when you only have TWO employees at your company doing every single task from buying more papers to editing client photos to communicating in a timely fashion to delivering print orders, so the past month has been so non-stop daily that Jenny has ended up with laryngitis for the first time in her life. ((It’s like that pre end-of-semester sickness type thing that students get when surrounded by a ton of people daily while working well into the night each night until 2 a.m.)) We’re hoping for full health soon and in the meantime while not contagious in a couple days we’ll be photographing an event on Friday evening, then back to coaching a game on Monday-! Thanks so much for swinging by our blog and check back next week for an absolutely adorable Fall Family Portrait Session-!!