Richard & Jaycee's Fresno, California Wedding!

     As with any other career where you want to become a high-level professional, no matter how much you think you know, there is always room for improvement in your craft. Over seven years ago when we both started photographing weddings independently from each other we still worked hard and thought we were great at photography, but nothing will humble you more than looking at old work that you did seven to ten to twenty years ago. 

     Since beginning wedding photography many years ago we've together gained 3 additional college and master's in Photography degrees. We've also continued as professional wedding photographers the entire time, so the education paired with real life experience has vastly improved our skills, eye for detail, and creativity. This is never so apparent as when we look back on old weddings. You'll see in this and any blog post from years ago that our photography has improved significantly. Throughout the years we've gained so much experience and comprehensive educations that we now get booked a year and a half to two years in advance rather than a month to a few months in advance. 

     We've upped our business skills, camera/ lighting/ computer gear, and create an all-around experience, so when we rebranded and combined our businesses a few years ago we also upped our packages significantly. Rather than being Shoot & Burn by just handing over a DVD with all of the edited digital images, our clients get hundreds of real, tangible photographs and photo products with every package. We stand by the quality of our work 100% and we're so thankful for the clients who have continued to hire us so that we can always evolve and create better and better imagery for them.

      In just five days these two will be celebrating their SEVENTH wedding anniversary! Richard and Jaycee were married in Fresno, California on June 12th back in 2010 and Jason was able to capture their special day! They had a short, humble little Christian wedding in a hall next to the church. The ceremony ended and prior to bidding adieu to their guests, they ended with a cake cutting and sharing delicious cupcakes with their guests. After the ceremony we were able to head to a park across town and capture photos of the happy couple with their "newly married" matching bikes and bridal party! All-in-all it was a very simple and lovely wedding!

     Next week will be yet another wedding on the blog, so check back for that! We're heading to Michigan this weekend and San Diego wedding things will be happening next weekend, and then the following weekend we will be photographing the amazingly lovely Nora & Colby's glamorous Chicago wedding! We absolutely cannot wait! Did we mention that Nora runs a company out of Chicago that teaches people how to swim like a mermaid with tails and all?! Well, she does and it's crazy cool. Plus these two also love animals and are vegan (vegetarian?), so the menu for their country club reception is going to be amazingly beautiful we're sure! So many wedding things to come this summer and we're delighted to share them with you!