The Legacy of Photos

     Hey, all! Today we’ll be talking about what photos mean in our lives and the legacy of photos/ photography.

     About 3.5 years ago in Jenny’s life family members rapidly started passing away. When getting things ready for the funerals, it turned out that her mom and Jenny had most of the photos of the family members who passed with Jenny having a lot of the current photos.

     For Jason, he has also taken on the role of family photographer.  Jason does not usually find himself taking many photos of his family, but the ones that he has taken are pretty special to him.  The portraits included here of his grandparents and mother are the first professional quality images of them taken in decades.  We find that taking the time to photograph those around us is never a waste of time.  When people surround you on a daily basis it becomes quite easy to take their presence for granted.  Before you know it, a person may pass away or simply move on in life, leaving nothing but memories.  Photographs work as a great tool in commemorating a specific moment in time, and the people present within it.  While memories may dull, a photograph has the ability to remain as a true representation of the moment it was captured.  


This got us thinking about family, friends, and lasting impressions. Photos aren’t necessary to keep the memory of loved ones alive, but it helps to have some recorded images of them to literally look back on.

Even when death is not involved, moves/ distance happens, growing families take over, and priorities shift. Friends and family you were once close with literally or figuratively gain distance. It’s nice to have photos of fond memories of those people and places in your life to reflect upon. Jenny has lived in 4 different U.S. states, so to her, photos and memories are a lot of what she's relied upon when alone.

We hope you enjoy looking through some of our personal family & friend photos that we've taken mostly in the recent years. We truly appreciate the people in our lives and hope that others do as well! Remember to never take for granted the relationships in your life & have a wonderful Easter weekend!