Chris & Kim's Texan Notre Dame Engagement Session

     Every Texan we've met in the past year has been wonderfully friendly and the same can absolutely be said about Kim & Chris. We started talking with these two back in in the first days of April a half year ago and had a great meeting with them about their wedding. We're so happy that we've been able to work with them because they're such genuine, sweet people. (Plus anyone who loves and owns dogs is great in our book-!)

     Through all of life's obstacles these two have shown true poise and kept a great sense of humor and work ethic. Even when in uncontrollable circumstances, they absolutely make the best of each situation adapting quickly and moving forward. We can't say enough how inspirational they've been to us and we're so lucky that we get to be around such warmth. 

     When we met for their Engagement Session on Friday it was finally a beautiful morning at Notre Dame! Chris' mom came along for the ride and we laughed wrangling the outfits for them to wear in the middle of an in-session university campus. It was by far the most entertaining session of the year with both Kim & Chris goofing off and dancing through the morning (which was much needed at 7:30 a.m.-!). It's clear that they totally love and entertain each other which we appreciate since we try not to take life too seriously! 

Remember to never take life too seriously!

Remember to never take life too seriously!

      We're so, so excited that we got to meet up in person with these two again, that they got to head to a Notre Dame game, and spend time with family before more a more hectic schedule ahead! We're also very excited for their 2017 Basilica wedding, their dogs coming up to celebrate, meeting more of their funny friends & family, and hopefully Chinese lanterns being released-! (*On another note, did we mention that we realized this summer that Kim's relatives bought Jenny's parents' house last year and that that's where they've stayed when they've come up to Indiana?! Small world, indeed!) 

     Kim & Chris: We loved hanging out with you two in the past week, we hope that the rest of the weekend was nice despite the ND loss, we hope there were no plane delays for ya, and hope that we see you again soon! We hope you had fun during your session and please keep us updated <3