Jason's Birthday Cake Smash

    "Cake Smash!" Sounds exciting, right?! It's no new concept, though. Back in the early 2000s and even when we were babies in the '80s parents would give their kids cakes on their birthdays and let them just go to town grabbing fist fulls of sugary icing and pretty much covering their baby faces in the sugary confections while attempting to get some in their mouths. Nowadays, the "cake smash" photoshoot is all the rage for families looking to celebrate the birthday of their babies & toddlers. The ensuing hilarity of a child messily eating a cake is now captured on camera ( front of impressively decorated backgrounds and professionally staged props) so that family can re-live laughing at the mess for ages! 

     After celebrating Valentine's Day together and being just a bit over a day away from his big day, we'd like to proudly introduce... Jason's Birthday Cake Smash! 

Click the Images below to see them larger in your browser:

     (Cake is good, but better when eaten with your hands while wearing your significant other's 10 year old duckie onesie.) If you enjoy these photos and are interested in your own cake smash session (toddler or adult) feel free to ask! We love them since they're messy and fun!

     And as a reminder: here is the free event that we will be holding in 4 days at the Century Center THIS SUNDAY the 19th here in South Bend for the Muslim community in town! Feel free to invite friends to the Facebook event (click the link>) and share the flier!!