Jamil’s 45th Anniversary Party!

Recently we had the opportunity to photograph the 45th Anniversary Party of a local business in our area. Jamil Packaging celebrated their 45th year of creating all types of corrugated cardboard and paper products and wanted a few photos to commemorate the event full of employees, family, friends, and business partners. We set up a photo booth to capture some images of the attendees as they enjoyed a cocktail hour upon arriving to the venue. The background created on corrugated by Jamil was emblazoned by their logo and the logo of their sister company Alliance Sheets (and was printed by on their truly gigantic scale digital press). Though we used to 9 years ago (2010 and to 2012 mostly), we normally never do Event Photography anymore since our business is focused on Weddings and Portrait Sessions, so this was definitely a change of pace from our normal daily work.

jamil comp.jpg

As well as manning the photo booth area, Jenny captured a few candid around the party. The company held their event at the amazing Armory event space in South Bend that just opened THIS year (a place we are fortunate enough to have a few weddings to photograph at next season). The event space was decorated with everything corrugated cardboard that one could think of. The talented design team at Jamil created everything from cardboard tables, to full sized celebrity cardboard cutouts, to a full shed made of cardboard, to full size cardboard trees to cover the beams of the building. Also hung from the rafters of the space were photos on corrugated cardboard taken over the past several decades showcasing important member of the Jamil team over the years.

Guests mingled throughout the venue and had a cocktail and hors d'oeuvres hour while waiting for salad and dinner to be served. People took photos with the various cardboard cutouts and props placed around the room for their enjoyment. (We may have taken a life sized cutout of Ellen Degeneres home with us at the end of the night). Being a corrugated manufacturing company, a special cake was even made that resembled one of many boxes that the company offers. One overeager guest even managed to mistake the cake for a real box and placed a fingerprint in the “tape” on top of the cake.

We finished our night off by photographing the family of the owners of the company. Using a lovely side area near the bar in the Armory, we did a quick attempt at taking a “Kardashian-esqe” family portrait.

It was great to enjoy the remainder of the event with some family and delicious foods. We got to see the same large portion of family within the week again at Thanksgiving, so it was a very family-oriented week! We’ll be photographing for them again coming up in 2.5 weeks for their grandkids’ Christmas photo, so we’re excited to get to see everyone again that week and a half prior to Christmas!

For anyone that was in attendance at the event or interested in getting a print of their photobooth picture, you can find all the images here:

____Unrelated: Coming up in next week’s Weekly Wednesday blog we’ll be sharing a beautiful Adoption Family Portrait Session! The Session started at the literal legal adoption moment at the Justice Center where a plethora of family showed up to support little Braelyn’s adoption, so we’re excited to share their beautiful Session next week!

Coming up in the next month we’ll be sharing 4 more recent Sessions with clients on our Weekly Blogs! We have some Professional Headshots, Corporate Sessions, and more to share, so be on the lookout for those throughout December! Yesterday we printed and today we packaged about 500 printed photos for 4 couples and one family! We delivered 3 big (printed photo filled) Wedding Keepsake Boxes to wedding couples along with the other packages, so we’re excited for them to get those! We have about 4 more physical wedding albums to fully design, 3 Wedding Keepsake Boxes to print photos for, 2 Engagement Session print packages to print, 2 Family Portrait Session print packages to print, and 2 wedding print packages yet to print once clients get us their choices, so though our next wedding to photograph isn’t for a few months of wedding photography “Low Season,” we still have MUCH work to do literally daily before we completely up our prices on January 1st!

And with that, we’re off to volunteer coach middle school volleyball right now! We hope you’ve had a great end of November and had a great Thanksgiving! We just finished up our Thanksgiving leftovers yesterday (6 full days of casseroles and more), so we’re back to healthy vegetables and nut/ oat “milks” that we’ve made recently and feeling a lot more awake now that we’ve started to get full nights worth of sleep finally-! (Everyone deserves a full night’s sleep, regular meals, and a couple days off every once in a while while working 7 days a week and long nights.) Jenny is finally healthy (had laryngitis from the non-stop work and interactions with people), so we’re chugging away at all of the photo work this week-!