Happy 2019: Photographers' New Year Portrait!

We know, we know. We JUST put up our Christmas photo(s) last week, but it’s another holiday and we have another annual portrait that we always take. Jenny legitimately has strep, so though we’re VERY sad that there’s no snow up here at the top of the country (and that there hasn’t been in about a month), we’re also relieved that for our outdoor photo she didn’t have to stand in the cold or snow (and luckily the day-long rain on New Year’s Eve stopped right before we took our late night photo outside). Things were soggy out for the photo, so the torch to light our sparklers kept going out, but we got the photo to work in the end-! Jenny was a bit cold in her dress, so she ran inside in Michigan and grabbed her grandma’s old coat. Jason you may notice is still donning his amazingly shiny outfit from last year, but added to it a nice shiny visor Jenny got him for a birthday gift and some nice shiny Christmas gift shiny wrapping on his head.

We’ll also showcase the past 4 years’ New Years photos in case you may not have seen them or may have forgotten how dumb they are…

Happy 2019 from Jenny and Jason Photography, LLC! We hope that you have a great transition into this new year and that you fellow business owners get a tiny bit of a “break” doing the backend logistics and revamping after that CRAZY busy holiday order season! Whew!

Fun semi-related facts: Jenny got strep upon waking the second day of the work week on Thursday the 27th last week and we were not sure if she had strep or a viral illness (like a regular cold), so it was pretty bad for the first 4 days leading up to New Year’s Eve as we worked through the rest of the week and weekend for 6 days straight. Her throat got much worse Saturday night though she was only drinking water and eating soup, so she realized that it may be strep and got a week-long refill of an antibiotic prescription bottle she’d had from earlier this year to start Sunday night. Immediately upon taking the antibiotic Sunday night she started feeling much better in the throat, so we worked through Monday and took Tuesday off of work as our ONE day “weekend” in Michigan. Today is day 4 of that antibiotic and she’s not contagious at all as we’re working through the rest of this week like normal.

We just sent out 50 New Years cards to clients from 2018, delivered the LAST Wedding Box of the year this past week, finished and printed the 2nd to last physical Wedding Album of 2018 (as we wait on photo choices for the LAST wedding album of 2018), and are printing some more photo orders from this week. We’ll be matting and packaging those up this week to deliver and also send out (to as far as Washington state). In just a few days we’ll be capturing an Infant Session in our studio, so we will be setting up for that Friday night as well. We’re in the midst of a HUGE pricing shift, so we have to change over all of our magazines to reflect current 2019 & 2020 pricing within the next week as we update and rebrand our website as well. We have the next 26 (-!!) blog post topics ready to go, so we’re VERY ready for 2019 & 2020 and we hope that you are too!