Dean's South Bend Newborn Session in Studio!

New mother Lauren’s best friend of 13 years Jessica reached out to us a couple months before Lauren’s due date to schedule either a Maternity or Newborn Session for Lauren. We sent over options for different types of the Portraits Sessions (including Lifestyle and Studio Newborn Sessions) and Jessica chose the ever popular Studio Newborn Session for Lauren’s gift! Jessica as you may remember got headshots with us this winter for her new job utilizing her new MBA degree (AND also got married this summer to her partner of 10 years- Nick) and has 2 children & a big dog herself! She really wanted to give her best friend a unique gift and was very happy to choose the Studio Newborn Session for her.

Lauren’s due date was December 20th, but she ended up having baby Dean on Christmas Eve (the 24th of December)! Since Christmas was the next day it was a very chaotic week for everyone with families in and out (though we still worked in our offices from the 26th through 31st & 2nd-5th), so we scheduled Dean’s Newborn Session for the start of January! We generally advise that newborns come in within the first 9 days of life so that they’re more tired and less squiggly, so Dean luckily came in close to the 9-day mark. Lauren came in at the time she said that Dean is usually the sleepiest and a bit after Jessica and her young daughter came in to also hang out. Without further adieu: Baby Dean!

Dean was still very small in his newborn state which we were excited about even though he was born days after his due date. Unlike a lot of newborns that we photograph, Dean actually didn’t mind not being clothed! He wasn’t too keen on having his legs bent and wrapped up though (which is standard when swaddling), so we let him have a looser swaddle with his legs having more freedom and his arms not being pinned to his sides at all times.

We got to capture Dean in a few different baskets with a few different swaddling cloths and were so excited that we were able to photograph him not only in comfortable sleeping positions, but also awake and smiling! Dean definitely did not want to close his eyes and miss out on all of the action (and 2 new people photographing him), so he really fought sleep which was very adorable.

Thanks so much to Jessica & mom Lauren for bringing adorable Dean in for his Newborn Session! We loved holding and capturing him in the cuddly swaddling cloths, blankets, and pillows! We can’t wait to see what photos you choose (Lauren) for Dean’s physically printed photos that come with the package and then print & get those to you! We hope the first few weeks have been treating your family well and that you and your husband are adjusting well!

——Unrelated: We just delivered a couple physical albums to clients this week, designed two more that we cannot wait to get the ok on to print (or re-design), and have another big package of prints & a big canvas to deliver within the next 5 days (when the client is back home from out West).

This week we ALSO had the opportunity to be in St. Louis, Missouri to capture an Engagement Session for our Germany couple-! They happened to suddenly be in from Germany for a week for work, so we threw things together, got lodging for us and our dog, sorted out the best Portrait Locations, and will be sharing that Session with you all next Weekly WEDNESDAY-! We cannot wait to get back to edit these photos AND share the story of this amazing couple (and how we know the bride) as well as a bit more, but for now it’s a surprise! (Which has been killing us not to post about-!!) This year brings a lot more genuinely amazing people, locations, and 12 very busy months, so we’re thrilled to continue to share these beautiful people and stories with you-!! Check back next Wednesday for an amazing Engagement Session-!!