Christina & Keenen's Southwest Michigan Engagement Session!

We met Christina & Keenen locally at a bridal expo athletic team competition here in Indiana at the start of August 2.5 months ago! These two have been engaged for 4 months and live in the city next to us: Niles, Michigan. Originally they’d thought of having their wedding at the Izaak Walton League here in South Bend, Indiana, so after some back-and-forth thinking about having their Engagement Session there or at a couple parks in South Bend, they finalized their wedding & reception location at another outdoor venue- this one in their home city of Niles, Michigan! Since there was a wedding at this wedding venue on Saturday the exact day & time these two had chosen for their Engagement Session, luckily our 5 p.m. sunset Family Portrait for Sunday got pushed back to November 3rd and we were all able to accommodate!

Southwest Michigan is one of our favorite areas to photograph couples because it truly does have some of the best expansive outdoor locations from beautiful beaches along Lake Michigan to great forests and the like, so we were very excited to capture Christina & Keenan just a few days ago in the beautiful outdoors! Without further adieu, Christina & Keenen’s Sunset Southwest Michigan Engagement Session!

Christina and Keenen are a very sweet couple. These two are at times a bit soft spoken at times, but are confident in their love and very kind to one another! Being in our lower 30s and upper 20s, it’s always sweet to see a young 20 year old couple who treats each other well and always makes one another laugh. Never once did we have to worry about anyone checking their phone or being aloof as these two were completely in the moment and locking eyes with one another throughout!

You can tell that Keenen is a great fiance to Christina by how he treats her. He immediately cuddles up to her, hugs her, and speaks to her kindly. Christina does the same treating him tenderly with mutual respect.

These two amidst some of their intimate photos together would grab their things and walk to other places and we happened to notice them putting their glasses back on. Their glasses were so cute that we made them pose for some photos with their glasses on (see photo collage cube above)! They were initially embarrassed by the glasses, but both of us also wear glasses and absolutely loved theirs! They really add some flair and unique character, so we were glad that we got at least a few photos of these two and their awesome glasses! We don’t ever wear our glasses while photographing since logistically it’s easier for us to wear our contacts to view through the professional camera viewfinders, but their glasses photos really make us want to get some portraits of us in our glasses-!

We absolutely loved photographing Christina & Keenen throughout their Sunset Engagement Session in Southwest Michigan a few days ago-! These two reminded us of the importance of kindness, humility, and cuddles. These two get married next August in about 9 or 10 months, so we know that since they’re so good with one another that they will have each other as a strong support system in the final wedding planning process.

Thank you so much for spending your evening with us a few nights ago, Christina & Keenen! We absolutely loved photographing you two enjoying your love and know that you have a bright future ahead of you! We look forward to showing you all of the photos soon, seeing which you like the best, and creating your prints for you so soon!

P.S. Keenen and Christina: We remembered that Keenen thought it’d be fun if you two were superheroes for the Engagement Session , so we worked to put this together-!!

>> _____________ Unrelated: We are currently in the midst of our craziest week ever amidst our busiest photography October ever in almost 10 years! We’re finishing up editing Mikayla & Matthew’s entire weddings’ worth of photos, have started volunteer coaching year 3 middle school volleyball at Christ the King, and are capturing our last two weddings of the season this weekend in Indiana and Michigan-!! We’re excited to photograph Allison & Tim’s wedding at Christ the King (Jenny’s elementary school church of 18 years) and our favorite Morris Park Country Club all day on Saturday, THEN photograph Sara & Chad’s gorgeous Morris Estate wedding on Sunday-!! After our meet-up with an engaged couple in Chicago on Monday night, we met with Sara yesterday to run through some portrait locations on private property around their Southwest Michigan wedding venue and we cannot wait to capture these weddings so soon-!! We have our schedules in pocket, so after we work through 2 more full days of wedding photo editing we’ll be at the Morris Park Country Club and then the Morris Estate before we know it! Get ready for a couple more weeks of new fall wedding photography of these two great couples coming up for the rest of October-!!