Bee & Jordan's Summer South Bend Engagement Session!

Last night we captured Bee & Jordan’s Engagement Session! We’ve been chatting with these two since almost a full year ago about their wedding plans for 2020 and are so happy that we’ll be capturing their Conservatory + The Brick wedding at the end of next May! *You may also remember these two from their sibling Braelyn’s adoption photos since Jordan’s parents hired us in the fall to capture their official adoption of Jordan’s newest sibling Braelyn (before they took in another foster right after)! We were so glad to see Bee & Jordan again last night in this a summer of college for them! These two are a very strong pair of open-minded, very intelligent and loving individuals very driven by their passions and future careers. Bee’s mom is actually a photography teacher in town that we met with probably 3 or 4 years ago in the high school’s darkroom and photo classrooms, so by this point we’ve actually met their parents literally years before their wedding which is a first! We can genuinely say that these two and their families are wonderful folks who better the world. Anywho, onto the Engagement Session!

Bee and Jordan though in college separately at Purdue and the University of St. Francis (in Fort Wayne) originally met in high school in South Bend (Jenny’s alma mater- St. Joseph High School) and have been together for a whopping 6 years-! These two graduate university next year, so both of their graduations and their wedding culminate in May 2020 (not stressful at all). Luckily they’ve already planned all of the biggest elements of their wedding far in advance (a year and a half prior), so though it will be a huge month for them both, they’re already well on their way to one of the biggest years/ month of their lives! Since Bee & Jordan did meet and begin dating here in South Bend, they decided that they wanted photos in downtown South Bend and specifically at some places that they used to hang out at. For their Engagement Session last night we met them at the South Bend Museum of Art (an easy shaded spot to meet at where Bee is actually the curatorial intern) then headed to their 3 spots downtown.

The first spot we photographed these two at is a spot that these two have frequented over the past (possibly 6) years and one of the first spots they actually hung out at! We actually didn’t know that while heading down there since we helped pick that one spot of their 3 locations, so it was wonderful to us that this spot is actually somewhere they’ve spent time in their relationship!

Another of the spots that we captured these two at was the top of a parking garage. Parking garages are often spots that photographers like to take portraits (also evidenced by a girl photographing a couple of folks on top of this one before & while we were also up there), but Bee and Jordan chose this spot because it’s actually a special spot that they’d hang out at as teenagers while dating-!

The fact that they actually spent time up there in their relationship made it all the more special as we captured them there at sunset.

These two are extremely comfortable around one another and are great at working together for a common goal. Since they’ve been together for so long and have weathered years of being long distance (living at least 2 hours apart most of the year) they seem to have a deep trust and faith in one another that is noticeable. They already have goals and tentative plans for post-graduation next summer, so these old souls are far ahead of many of their peers.

The last spot that we captured these two at was by the St. Joe River. South Bend erected beautiful statues that emit changing colors of light in 4 spots around the river and Bee (being the Museum Studies/ artsy student that she is) requested that we also capture these two there after sunset with the beautiful rainbow lights.

We absolutely love how these turned out and added to the urban feel of their Engagement Session! Their locations and personalities perfectly fit their unique chosen spots.


We had a blast capturing these two in South Bend during their Engagement Session last night and we loved catching up with them! Thank you so much Bee & Jordan for choosing to meet with us a year ago, hiring us to capture your wedding (woo- just one more year!), and having us capture your Engagement Session! We feel so lucky to get to capture such a strong, motivated, and intelligent couple as you and we can’t wait to see what your bright future has in store this next year and after we capture your wedding at the end of next May!


Unrelated: Next week we capture Mollie & Bobby’s Engagement Session also here in South Bend! Their wedding is coming up in a little over two months & their Session will be Thursday (and we have some pretty fun, unique things planned for it as well)! A couple days later we also capture a surprise birthday party locally, so we have many things to share on the blog coming up in the next few weeks!

Next Weekly Wednesday we’re doing a throwback to our favorite June weddings from the past 10 years to belated celebrate these great couples’ anniversaries! We just finished editing 3 weddings’ worth of photos and two Engagement Sessions as well in the past week, but still have a wedding, a couple Engagement Sessions, and event that we’ll be editing in the next couple weeks! We have about 700 photos to print that we’re waiting on 12 different clients’ choices on, so July will be a heavy printing, packaging, and delivering month as well before we head into the late summer weddings, early fall weddings, and late fall weddings! We’re almost halfway through our weddings for the year, but things aren’t slowing down at all with us also heading to California coming up literally 3 times within a month between August and September for friend weddings and helping welcome Jason’s twin brother’s first child (making us glad we opted out of the annual California holiday visit this winter since the travel, rental car, and lodging can add up)!