Baby Leah & a Family Visit

     So this weekend was a doozy! One of our favorite parts was photographing the ever happy and adorable Leah McKee! Leah is one of (if not THE) happiest 11 month olds we've ever met. She giggled the entire time we were up in Michigan and was an absolute joy to photograph. She got to play between pumpkins and walk around a corn maze while in her awesome fall outfit! Her parents Morgan & Ryan even gave her the cutest tiny pumpkin which she seemed to love! (Can you believe her mom made the tutu & bow?! Stinkin' adorable.) We loved this little munchkin and can't believe how happy and photogenic she was! (Everyone should get themselves a little girl this happy!)

     Other things from the weekend: Friday we met up with Jenny's sister, boyfriend, and mom and planned a weekend of family time after a crazy photography work week. They live in Arizona where her sister + boyfriend work as Occupational Therapists and plan to move into a new apartment very soon. We saw everyone during fun activities throughout the entire weekend (apple canon shooting, corn maze, bounce pad, bouncy horses- lol, tailgating, meals, etc.) and had a good time giving them a short introduction to our new home & pet. We even got the annual Holiday Family Portrait taken and didn't have to Photoshop together 3 separate photos this year- Great success!

     This next week and a half is going to be even busier with clients! We have 4 Engagement Sessions to photograph from Purdue University 2 hours away to South Bend to Goshen to Mishawaka! On top of that we have some Family Fall Mini Sessions with some awesome folks in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and South Bend! Annnd... we also have some Senior Portraits to photograph within the next week and a half, too! Whew! We can't wait to get all of the beautiful fine art photo products out to everyone after their Sessions and we plan on spending until the end of November showcasing each of these wonderful Sessions on the blog, so be on the lookout for all of those fun photos! 

     We're so excited for all of this fun work to balance out our weekly doggy obedience classes (and minor pup surgery) and general business! We're hoping to take a small camping trip when we finish up with all of this work since we haven't been on one in over a year (what?!??), so there will hopefully be a healthy disconnect from technology for at least 2 or 3 days after the work is finished! Everyone needs some nature and serenity in their lives.