Adriana & Eric's Lancaster, California Wedding! (Six Year Anniversary!)

     Today's blog post begins with a mental exercise.  Begin by taking a moment to relax and visualize a time long, long ago.  A time when the hip kids on the internet said "chive on," the Admiral Akbar meme was in full swing, and your Facebook feed was ablaze with images of people "planking."  This, ladies and gentlemen was the grand old year of 2011. At this time Jenny was 2 years out of college living in Ohio working as a wedding photographer and had just photographed a Columbus, Ohio wedding just 6 days prior... across the country from me. For me (Jason) this was a time when I was full of energy, worked at a photo studio, distance ran for fun, and weighed about 12 pounds. While nearly all of these facts of life have come to pass, one thing about this far away year that still remains is the love between Adriana and Eric.  For this blog post we are recapping their wedding day which happened just over 6 years ago with their anniversary happening just last week-!  Oh, how time flies.

     For their big day on August 13, 2011, Adriana and Eric kept things small and intimate with a few guests of mainly close friends and family.  Their wedding and reception was held at the Elegant Affairs venue back in my hometown of Lancaster, CA.  We began the day as all good wedding days begin by taking some preparation photos of Adriana in the venue's bridal suite.

     This particular venue featured a bridal suite that opens up directly to the gazebo and outdoor location where the wedding ceremony itself takes place.  Once I was done photographing Adriana's prep photos I headed outside to wait for the main event to begin.  Adriana remained hidden within the suite until her father fetched her to walk down the aisle.  The ceremony itself was short and sweet consisting only of the stating of vows and exchange of rings.  When photographing outdoors in a desert town such measures are necessary to make sure no one overheats.

     Following the ceremony it was time for some formal portraits with Adriana, Eric, and all of their family and friends.  We stuck outside for a few minutes to get photos of everyone at the venue's Gazebo. 

     Once all of the formal portraits were out of the way it was time for the real fun.  We moved on to the inside banquet hall and awaited the arrival of the newlyweds into the room.  Once Adriana and Eric entered the room the celebration really began.  Cheers were made, first dances were had, bouquets were tossed, garters were thrown and various other celebratory actions ensued over the course of that night.  Overall it was a pretty full wedding experience featuring all the traditional moments and these two seemed to have a blast-!

     We concluded our night with two final photos out by the gazebo.  While this first photo may seem strange now, it made total sense for the time at hand.  Planking was the fidget spinner of 2011.  The second photo... well, that one just helped to sum up the love these two had for one another.

     Congratulations to Adriana and Eric for making it through wedded bliss these past six years! May your love for one another continue to grow and may you make it another 60 more love filled years together!