BEST OF 2018 Wedding Photography-! (Jenny and Jason Photography, LLC)

With tomorrow being the last day of January, we wanted to today go through and share with you our favorite wedding moments of 2018! We’re VERY dedicated today as it’s a literal Polar Vortex where we live AND at -20 F the power/ heat in our neighborhood went out this morning for hours. (We panicked and arranged lodging for our pets and ourselves, but luckily after we filed the outage report that 1,500 neighbors also had, it was restored hours later and we began work for the day!) We're in our 10th year of our career in Professional Wedding Photography and the days are flying by with client work (editing, creating physical photo products, sending them out, Engagement Sessions, Newborn Sessions, Family Sessions, etc) as we’re just one month out from the start of our Wedding Season for 2019. This past year we photographed weddings in Indiana & Michigan mostly and our couples came in from five states in 2018: Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, & Indiana! Over the past 10 years we’ve gotten to photograph couples in from 15 states (and have gotten to photograph weddings in about 8 states and two countries). This year we’ll get to add another country & state to that list with Kyla & Walt’s wedding coming up in Italy this year and Malyssa & Dakota’s Engagement in Tennessee-! It's such a joy to get to work with couples from far and wide throughout the year or two leading up to their wedding day and we truly appreciate each and every one of our brides and grooms.

     With the wedding day being one of the most important and symbolic days of many people's lives, it's a complete honor for us to get to be there for our couples and be a positive support throughout the day and time leading up to it. We get to know all of our couples' personalities intimately through in-person meetings, emails, and calls throughout the year or two prior, working on their wedding day schedule together with them, and even have the pleasure of getting to capture some of our couples' Engagement Sessions a year prior to their wedding (**which really helps us figure out how to work with their specific body language). Our couples often share their excitement, struggles, family stories, aspirations, fears, career changes, and everything in between with us during the process of us working together for the first 365 days or more. The most amazing thing about genuinely getting to know and empathize with a couple so far prior to capturing them on their wedding day is that by the time their wedding happens we're honestly very excited for them, have become friends, and are able to capture the moments of the day in the most authentic and unique way specific to each couples' personalities! As you'll see, each wedding is gorgeous and each of our couples is uniquely different, but equally amazing. We spent a lot of our year laughing and crying with these wonderful couples and have chased all of them around through their entire wedding day, so...

...without further adieu, we want to share with you our favorite wedding photographs from 2018! There are around 200 collaged photos, so keep scrolling and enjoy!

We were honored to photograph these absolutely most amazing, hard-working, educated, career-driven, animal loving, amazing couples ever at a plethora of beautiful venues in the past year-! Among all of the weddings above of 2018, we were able to capture Morris Park Country Club receptions, Indianapolis weddings, Morris Estate weddings, beautiful barn weddings, garden weddings, many outdoor weddings, weddings at 3 Catholic churches whose elementary schools Jenny both played volleyball games at as a kid AND volunteer coaches games at now (for middle school volleyball), etc! The entire year was a semi blur of joy and hard work! Though we finished up all of the printed photographs, Keepsake Boxes, physical wedding albums, etc. throughout the past year, we do have two final 2018 print packages that we’re waiting to wrap up once the products are chosen-! It's been quite the whirlwind and it was definitely the most gratifying professional wedding photography year that we've had up to this our 10th year of professional wedding photography.

Although most of you likely celebrated your Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, etc. holidays & got see your immediate families and loved ones then, we were extremely busy in December working 7 days a week and oddly enough just had our busiest work January in literally 10 years! We did not do our annual Holiday Family Trip to see our immediate families out West (CA & AZ), rather stayed and worked hard for our couples and other clients this winter. We don't have a secretary, so any inquiries, prints, etc. are done by the two of us and us only, so we opted this year to stay and keep working since we hate when work compiles when we’re gone and like to be available for meetings and orders.

    We will take a trip to see some immediate family amidst wedding season at the beginning of this year though and we’re trying to see if we can fit both of our families into that trip. We've been going non-stop since September, so this has been our first opportunity to go back through the over 40,000 photos of the weddings that we captured last year and choose out our favorites-! It has been a days-long process to narrow down these photos (and has been the first Wednesday in a long time where blog work went from day turned night turned NEXT day), but it was all worth it to be able to look back at the past year's amazing couples and beautiful moments-! Today we also chatted with 3 brides about upcoming weddings, printed 3 high end physical wedding albums for 2 sets of parents and one couple, got 2 wall canvas orders started, and got 3 other orders printed-! It’s currently 1 a.m. here (though we published the blog post on Wednesday and then added more writing) and we’re exhausted from a very long day of cold and work (most folks here had the day off since the weather was dangerous), so we cannot wait to eat a late, late dinner and head to bed-!! **Check back next Wednesday for another blog post that we have planned about a topic we can’t remember right now because we’re so tired.