Arizona & California, Here we Come!

     As we finish up some client Print Orders, wedding consultations, designing, etcetera, we're starting to look forward to heading to Arizona & California in a mere TWO days-!! 

     The weather here has been "bleh" to say the least. We were actually looking forward to really deep Lake Effect snow this winter and the things that that brings, but it doesn't look like much outside here right now (so our streak of not having snow skiied for 15 years continues).  We're happy that we have all of our travel logistics finished up, though. Luckily, we even found someone to come over and watch the pets while we're gone. We've got all of our travel accommodations taken care of, have our bags packed, and are all ready to go see the some warmer and hopefully drier weather.

  We get to see our immediate families SO soon! We're mainly staying with our immediate families throughout our trip, but are also taking some time to see some friends along the way. On this trip as our Holiday visit and we're happy to be photographing some professional Portrait Sessions in both states since a trip wouldn't be complete without at least a little work. We're also beyond happy to NOT be flying during the peak Holiday days again and to get to spend quality time with everyone instead. Huzzah for only slight chaos planned!


     In total this trip we will be visiting with 17 family members and 7 friends. Whew! Jason is from California and lived there for 25 years and his family is all within a couple hours of each other, so we'll be spending a couple days with them. A majority of Jenny's dad's side of the family moved out to Arizona from Indiana after her grandparents did. Now her parents and sister have also moved out west for work, school, and hobbies. We'll be staying with them for a few days while also shooting a few Portrait Sessions. We will also be seeing Jenny's grandma who is turning 99 this month(!!!) and her aunt! 

     In California in addition to Jason's family, we will see friends for 2 days: Namely one of Jason's best friends and a handful of our other friends who we haven't seen for almost a year & a half! Being great fans of good food we've also planned 5 unique meals of foods we've never eaten or are our absolute favorites. Our trip also coincides with a renowned fine art photography expo which we are excited to attend before heading back home. Plus we plan on hiking the Santa Ynez Mountains like we did during our years in Santa Barbara and maybe take a walk on the beaches- nice, calming things for the end of the week-long trip(s).

     In anticipation of this upcoming trip our West we've Included in this blog some of our favorite photos, places, & memories from California & Arizona. Jason has 25 years worth of memories in California and Jenny has 30 years of annual visits to Arizona & 3 years of living in California to contribute to our "West Homage." Here's to the other side of the country!